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Preventative Care

Surprise Diagnosis – Importance of Early Disease Detection Screening

Posted by wp_trurovetwe on September 11, 2017

Autumn, a 12 year old dog came to see us because she seemed to have problems with her hind end. Her owner was worried about her hips because she was having trouble walking and especially on the stairs. Sure enough in the exam room, she seemed to be crouching as she walked and was uncomfortable…. Read More

How to Find a Groomer That’s Right for You and Your Dog

Posted by wp_trurovetwe on April 17, 2017

Written By: Dr. Gwen For some dogs, going to the groomer is like a spa day, but for others, the change of routine, strange handling and getting wet is worse then getting porcupine quills … in your eye! Finding the right groomer reduces the stress on your dog, enables you to feel free to leave… Read More

How to Find a Boarding Kennel that is Right for You and Your Dog

Posted by wp_trurovetwe on April 10, 2017

Written By: Dr Gwen For some dogs, going to the kennel is like going to doggy camp, but for others, the change of routine and familiar things and people is a recipe to stress … and sickness. Finding a boarding kennel that reduces the stress on your dog, enables you to feel free to enjoy… Read More

Travel First Aid

Posted by wp_trurovetwe on September 12, 2016

By: Dr Jessica Rock. Here in the Maritimes we are heading into the fall, which is arguably the most enjoyable season in Atlantic Canada. Temperatures are comfortable, mosquitos and blackflies are on the decline, and water temperatures are at their annual highest. This is prime hiking, swimming, cottage, and camping season!  More and more, people… Read More

Get Enlightened about LASER Therapy

Posted by wp_trurovetwe on June 20, 2016

Veterinarians have learned a lot about how animals experience pain over the last thirty years. When I graduated from vet school in 1985, we were instructed that animals feel less pain and handle pain much better than their human counterparts. We were told that a little pain is OK because it discourages activity and that… Read More

Pets and Parasites: The Pet Owner Resource

Posted by wp_trurovetwe on June 12, 2015

Courtesy of Dr. Michelle We know that choosing the right parasite prevention product for your pet can be overwhelming. These days, there are so many products to choose from.. pills and topicals.. products that get fleas, ticks, intestinal parasites, and any combination of those! We are always happy to help you make an informed decision… Read More

Vaccinations – Why Are They So Important?

Posted by wp_trurovetwe on May 11, 2015

Courtesy of: Dr. Melissa A very important part of preventive care for your pet is keeping them up to date on their vaccines. Many people ask us whey their pets need yearly vaccines when people get boosters much less frequently. At our hospital we follow the American Veterinary Association Vaccination Guidelines. These are based on… Read More

Truro Vet Says Good-Bye…To Declawing Cats

Posted by Gwen Mowbray-Cashen on July 24, 2014

Courtesy of: Joye Truro Veterinary Hospital is very excited to announce that we are no longer performing declaw procedures on cats.  For many years, declawing has been the procedure of choice for any owners worried about their household furniture or being scratched by a cat who plays too rough.  However, the veterinary industry, like any medical field, is… Read More

Heartworm – Should You Be Worried?

Posted by trurovetblog on June 21, 2013

Courtesy of:  Dr. Melissa Most of us visiting a veterinary clinic regularly are familiar with monthly parasite prevention for fleas, ticks and intestinal worms. These are bugs we often see on our pets, and it makes sense to prevent them!  There are parasites that are more difficult to see however…and one of those is heartworm. … Read More

NOT The Happiest Place On Earth!

Posted by trurovetblog on April 16, 2013

Courtesy of: Cecelia My cat, Tom, was one of a kind.  He was my sweetie.  Tom always showed his affectionate side for friends and family but he had another side too.  That side he saved for visits to the vet.  He hated coming to the vet hospital for his visits and I hated to take… Read More

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