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Our Care Team

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Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVTs)

Angela 2016Angela – Lead Technician

Hi there, my name is Angela and I am a lifelong resident of Colchester County, NS. I graduated from the NSAC Vet Technology Program in 2011 and started at Truro Vet in January 2015. I have a great interest in feline and canine dentistry and am excited to be able to learn more about it. At home I enjoy taking part in the family’s dairy farm where I live with my Papillon Rita (who doesn’t know she is a dog and is convinced she is a person) as well as my two miniature horses Charm and Henry.



Hello! My name is Leanza. I grew up in the Annapolis Valley. In 2014 I graduated from the Dalhousie Agricultural Campus as a Veterinarian Technician. I started working at Truro Vet in December 2016. At home I have two dogs, Koda and Duke as well as one cat Logan. My favourite thing to do when I’m at work is assisting our veterinarians with surgeries (preferably orthopedics) and making the girls laugh. My favourite thing to do while I’m not at work is taking my son, Ronan hiking through the woods as we hunt for waterfalls with his fur brothers.


Hi, I’m Caitlin! Since I was old enough to talk I’ve always said I wanted to work with animals! I grew up in Cape Breton and moved to Truro when I started at NSAC. I Graduated from the Veterinary Technician Program in 2016, I worked at two clinics in the Dartmouth area before I began at Truro Veterinary Hospital in 2018. I love how my career is always changing, our day to day tasks vary between appointment’s, surgery, diagnostic’s, etc. We’re always learning! When I’m not working or at a lumberjack competition, I spend most of my time at home with my Husband, Scott, our 2 dogs Tucker and Jake, our 2 cats, Oscar and Turdcutter (Scott named him) and our 2 horses Little-bit and Merlin.


Veterinary Assistants

Val 2016Valerie

Hi, I’m Valerie, a Veterinary Assistant at Truro Vet since 2005. I am originally from beautiful Tignish, PEI. The thing that keeps me coming to work with smile on my face everyday is the relationship I build with so many pets and their people. At the end of the day I head home to the best husband in the world, Brian, and my dogs Mooki and Annabelle. I enjoy reading, walking the dogs and spending time with my family and friends at our cottage. I love it when my dogs make me laugh and prove to me that unconditional love exists!


Ashley 2016Ashley

Hello, I’m Ashley and I am a Veterinary Assistant. I was born and raised just down the road in Old Barns and I’ve been working at Truro Vet since 2005. I share my life with my lovely partner Sondra, our dog Brenley, and my kitty Jasper (currently residing in Old Barns with my parents). My favourite thing about Truro Vet is the great group of gals I work with and how each day can be a new learning experience. When I’m not working I spend time with my pets, play hockey, and decorate cakes. I love it when my dog meet me at the door with a happy, excitable “I haven’t seen you in months” greeting, even if I only took the garbage out!


cara 2016Cara

Hi, my name is Cara I work as a Veterinary Assistant and sometimes Receptionist. I was born in Moncton, NB and have lived in PE until recently moving to NS to work at the Truro Vet since April 2014. I live with my boyfriend Shane and our Jack Russell Maverick and crazy cat Noah and my new kitten Dotty. In my spare time I enjoy horseback riding Rosie, my American Paint Horse Mare. I am looking forward to moving Rosie home to our property in Upper Stewiacke. Maverick loves to play ball and insists that I carry him when we go for walks (so I get more exercise then him!).


I’m Sara, I work as a Veterinary Assistant but also help out on Reception from time to time. I was born and raised in Truro. I have three cats, Roosevelt Yeadon, Carmendee Elizabeth, and Trevor Eleanor, and two dogs, Matilda Louise and Dobby Jean. I enjoy taking the dogs to Victoria Park and the Dog Park when I am not at work Matilda loves to swim while Dobby enjoys barking at the water. I volunteer with a trap neuter and release program called the Wayward Cat Society.


I’m Kristie, I’m a Veterinary Assistant most of the time but occasionally you can find me at the front desk as a Receptionist. I started working at Truro Vet in the fall of 2017 after graduating the Veterinary Assistant Program at Maritime Business College. I was born and raised in Debert, where I still live with my 2 cats, Lily and Dixie. What I love about Truro Vet is that every day is different and we are all constantly learning something new, and of course I love the amazing group of ladies I work with (definitely couldn’t get through each day without them.) On my days off I enjoying spending time with family and friends, cuddled up on the couch with my cats watching a movie, or going on drives or adventures.


Hi there, I am Shannon, I have been a resident of Truro all my life. I graduated from tech school in 2018. I joined the Truro veterinary team in February 2018. I have my little dog Lola as well as 3 beautiful kitties, Tanner, Lynx, and Tank in my home. What interests me the most is assisting with surgery here at the clinic. In my spare time I like to garden, relax by the Beach and hang out with my pets, my boyfriend Josh and my daughter Hope.



Kerry 2016Kerry – Lead Receptionist

Good day, I’m Kerry from Norton, NB and I’ve been a Receptionist at Truro Vet since 2002. My favourite thing about my job is seeing puppies and kittens come in and watching them grow up. My human family consists of my husband, Aaron, and our two children, Hailee and Connor. Taz is the newest addition to our family, he is a long haired tabby that plays non-stop, and is easily entertained. When I’m not working I love bike, go for walks, and spend time with my family and friends. I love it when Taz is snuggled at the end of my kids’ bed (if he ever stops playing) when I tuck them in at night!


Cecelia 2016Cecelia

Hello, my name is Cecelia, originally from Sydney, NS. I have been a Receptionist with Truro Vet since 1986. The clients, the pets and the great group of girls I work with keep me coming back every day! When I’m not at work I enjoy spending time walking and listening to music. I have one cat, Pickles, and I love it when she greets me at the door when I come home!



Colette 2016Colette

Hey there, my name is Colette, I grew up in Hackett’s Cove, NS. I started September 2014 after I graduated from Maritime Business College – Veterinary Assistant in August 2014. I work mainly as Receptionist but also work as a Vet Assistant and can lend a helping hand when needed. I have a cat named Turd (yes Turd) who is spoiled rotten and his name suits him well his new arch nemesis Nugget is my newest addition, she is a three legged black and white cat. In my free time I enjoy swimming, and going on random adventures. I also love going for drives with my co-pilot Turd, he enjoys people watching as we drive by.



My name is Kitty, I am from Arizona, USA. I started working with the wonderful team at Truro Vet in May 2015. I work as a Receptionist. I have a 35 Year Old Quarter Horse mare named Ardee and my sidekick – KC who travels everywhere with me. When I am not working I travel as much as I can to Arizona to see my family, and my husband and I have a cottage in Newfoundland that we visit as often as we can. We try to get out on our sail boat in the summer when the weather cooperates. I consider myself from a great place and live in a great place.







Happy training session!Kaila

Howdy, I’m Kaila and I wear many hats here at Truro Vet. I am a Canine Trainer, Receptionist and Veterinary Assistant. I’m originally from Shubenacadie, NS and I started work in 2007. My favourite aspect of my job is when I can help a client train their dog to be well mannered and a pleasure to be around. Oh, and puppies, of course! When I’m not working I enjoy horseback riding and playing fetch with my dog, Indy. I also have one bearded dragon, Solo, two cats, Thom and Parelli, a bunch of horses and one husband, Andrew. I love it when Indy climbs into bed and sleeps next to me with his head on the pillow (good thing he doesn’t snore)!

Kennel Assistants


Hi, my name is Frank. I was raised in North Carolina, USA and currently live in Truro. I started volunteering with the hardworking team in 2016. As kennel assistant I work out back and help things run as smoothly as possible. Everything from laundry to mopping. I also prepare the clay pawprints used when beloved pets have sadly passed away. I’m currently am interested in technology, medicine, and science which I will pursue as a future career. Currently I’m a high school student at Cobequid Educational Centre. Outside of volunteering and schooling I work as an associate at Walmart. With the free time I have left I’m either studying, listening to music or simply on my phone. My dog Angus, a golden retriever is the newest member of my family and mainly likes to run around, swim in the lake at the campground, and cover the air conditioning vent with his body.


Juanita Mowbray-Powell, Practice Manager at Truro Vet in Truro, Nova ScotiaJuanita

Hi, I’m Juanita, Practice Manager at Truro Vet since 1995. I’m a life long resident of Truro, NS. At home, my husband Wayne and I have three beautiful children, Charlie, Wilbur and Gilbert. They frequently play with our two-legged kids, Maddie, Farley and Andrew. In my rare spare time I enjoy walking at the park with the whole family. I love it when my pets share the sofa and cuddle with me during TV time!



me on the hunt!Wiggles

Hey there, my name is Wiggles, “Quality Control Technician” at Truro Vet since 2011. I arrived as an adorable bundle of cuteness and the staff just couldn’t bear to let me go. Since no one at Truro Vet gets away without working hard, I appointed myself in charge of product testing, ensuring each new toy, treat and bag of food is up to my tough standards. In my spare time I chase flies, get baths from friendly dogs and enjoy naps in the basket on the front desk. I love it when Kaila plays with me…one day soon I’ll catch that red dot!


Former Management

Victor HS Crop SmlVictor – Gone But Not Forgotten (1996-2015)

Victor came to Truro Vet as an adult stray brought in by Juanita in the summer 1997. His easy going nature won him the love of Cecelia and other staff. Soon it was decided he was a keeper.

Victor benefited Truro Vet immensely. He donated blood to other sick cats in need. He let us demonstrate how to trim nails and give a cat a pill. He was a ball of fur to cry into on a really heartbreaking day. While not always happy about his job, he made the best of it and enjoyed his ‘thank you’ cuddle afterwards.

Walking on keyboards, calling other phone extensions in the building, befriending rodent and bird patients were just a few of his quirky qualities. If you poured your milk/cream before adding your coffee, do it quick or Victor would be lapping up the dairy. The day he was diagnosed with a dairy allergy was probably the worst day of his life!

Victor, words can not express how much we will miss you. Your curiosity and affectionate nature made you a credit to all cats. Rest easy and we will see you at Rainbow Bridge.

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