One of the easiest and most effective ways to keep your pet healthy at home is by providing him/her with optimal nutrition. Diets for pets fall into two general categories: therapeutic and lifestage.

Therapeutic diets are those diets designed to treat a specific health issue in your pet. They are prescribed by your veterinarian as part of the medical treatment for your pet’s disease or condition. Examples of therapeutic diets are those used to treat allergies, kidney disease, diabetes, bladder stones, gastro-intestinal tract issues, and manage weight loss. These diets should be fed exactly as prescribed in order to achieve their desired effects.

Lifestage diets are diets designed for healthy pets, based on their stage of development and lifestyle. Typically these diets are divided into categories such as development (puppy or kitten), adult, and senior. Pets at different ages require different nutrient composition in their food to meet their specific needs. We also have lifestage diets designed specifically for small, medium and large/giant breed dogs, recognizing that breeds of varying sizes have different risk factors for the development of disease.

If you have questions about feeding your pets to optimize their nutrition, or you have special concerns regarding topics such as obesity or dental disease, please ask to speak to one of our many certified Nutrition Counsellors.