Dental Care Dental Care
Regular dental cleanings are important in maintaining not only your pet’s teeth but his or her overall health as well.
Diagnostics and Radiography Diagnostics and Radiography
Using cutting edge equipment and trained Technicians to analyze a variety of diagnostic samples from your pet, including: blood, urine, feces, ear debris, skin scrapings, and fine needle aspirates.
Early Disease Detection
Our wellness programs include: comprehensive physical exam; internal and external parasite testing.
Emergency Services
We have a cooperative on-call agreement with Central Nova Animal Hospital and Fundy Veterinarians. A veterinarian from one of these hospitals is always available to help you.
Laser Therapy Laser Therapy
Laser Therapy accelerates the body’s natural healing process through photo-bio-modulation. Laser therapy provides tangible benefits to our patients. Laser therapy is effective in treating chronic conditions, acute conditions, and post- surgical pain and inflammation.
Low Stress Handling Low Stress Handling
We implement techniques to help calm anxious patients, making the entire treatment process easier and safer for the animals and people involved.
Nutrition Nutrition
One of the easiest and most effective ways to keep your pet healthy at home is by providing him/her with optimal nutrition. Diets for pets fall into two general categories: therapeutic and lifestage.
Saying Goodbye Saying Goodbye
Deciding that euthanasia is the best choice for your pet is the most difficult decision you will make in your pet’s lifetime.
Surgery & Dentistry Surgery & Dentistry
An elective surgery is one that is scheduled in advance because it does not involve a medical emergency. Common elective surgeries performed at Truro Vet are spays, neuters and dental cleanings.
Training Training
We use a type of positive training called operant conditioning to help owners build a mutually rewarding and lasting relationship with their dogs.
Vaccine/Parasite Prevention Vaccine/Parasite Prevention
Pets age at a much faster rate than their human family members. This means that in one year, your pet can experience age-related changes equivalent to several human years. We recommend annual exams for all pets, to allow us to identify these changes early and prevent problems before they occur.