Canine (Dog) Resources


Fear Free Happy Homes:
Dog Bite Prevention Guide:
Gentle Leader
Dr. Sophia Yin – The Art and Science of Animal Behaviour
Karen Overall
Positive Dog Husbandry
Protocol For Relaxation
St John Ambulance Dog Therapy
Therapy Animal Registration:
How to train to treat ears – go to resources – videos of: (search ear treatment)
Fear Free Happy Homes:
Training to like nail trims and grooming:
Training to have ears treated – You Tube:

Disease People and Pets share (Zoonosis)

Companion Animal Parasite Council:
Worms and Germs – Dr Scott Weese:


Complete And Balanced
Every Pet Everytime
Royal Canin Canada
Hill’s Pet Nutrition
Purina Veterinary Diets
Pet Food Nutrition
Pet Food Nutrition
Vet Nutrition
Calorie Calculator for dogs and cats:
Information on making healthy homemade diets
Petfoodology by Veterinary Nutritionists at Tufts University
The Savvy Dog Owner’s Guide: Nutrition on the Internet:
The Savvy Cat Owner’s Guide: Nutrition on the Internet:
Dr Jackie Parr Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist.

Parasite Management

Bayer Parasite Solutions
Companion Animal Parasite Council
Disease Contagious to Humans:

Various Subjects:

Blind Dogs Facebook Group – Support group for people with a blind dog
Life Style and Safety Assessment:
Many Articles with a subject search at Veterinary
Covid 19 and your pets:
FaceBook Group for info on Purebred Dogs “CKC Dog Breeders in the Maritimes”
Human-Animal Bond Website: Indoor Pet Initiative:
Therapy Animal registration: