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Canine Health

What Does Pain Look like in your Dog?

Posted by wp_trurovetwe on March 21, 2016

You are in the best position to look for subtle changes of behaviours that indicate your pet is in pain. If your pet is showing one or more of these behaviours he/she maybe hurting. By completing this assessment, you are helping us to identify possible painful conditions.   Please check all that apply: Vocalizing: Whining… Read More

What does Anxiety look like in your DOG?

Posted by wp_trurovetwe on March 15, 2016

Fear is a normal response that enables a living creature to survive danger. Anxiety is an abnormal display of fear that, if allowed to build, can cause aggression. Most fearful pets do not show aggression but if the source of fear is not addressed or removed, aggression is a natural outcome. FEAR –> Freeze or… Read More

Pets and Parasites: The Pet Owner Resource

Posted by wp_trurovetwe on June 12, 2015

Courtesy of Dr. Michelle We know that choosing the right parasite prevention product for your pet can be overwhelming. These days, there are so many products to choose from.. pills and topicals.. products that get fleas, ticks, intestinal parasites, and any combination of those! We are always happy to help you make an informed decision… Read More

Seasonal Allergies – Our Pets Can Suffer With Them Too!

Posted by wp_trurovetwe on May 29, 2015

Courtesy of: Dr. Melissa   As much as we all love to feel the warmer weather every Spring, those of us with seasonal allergies can dread pollen season.  Did you know our pets can be affected as well? Dogs and cats exposed to airborne allergens from grasses/weeds/trees can get inflammation affecting their skin. This inflamed skin… Read More

Vaccinations – Why Are They So Important?

Posted by wp_trurovetwe on May 11, 2015

Courtesy of: Dr. Melissa A very important part of preventive care for your pet is keeping them up to date on their vaccines. Many people ask us whey their pets need yearly vaccines when people get boosters much less frequently. At our hospital we follow the American Veterinary Association Vaccination Guidelines. These are based on… Read More

Your Dog Hates The Vet? This One’s For You!

Posted by Gwen Mowbray-Cashen on November 15, 2013

Courtesy of: Kaila and Dr. Gwen Let’s face it…every dog is different!  For some of our patients, a trip to the vet is their favourite event in the day (not counting breakfast, lunch and supper, of course).  These dogs tear through our doors ready to greet everyone and have a fantastic time!  Then there are… Read More

Getting A (Stress-Free) Handle On Your Pets!

Posted by Gwen Mowbray-Cashen on September 12, 2013

Courtesy of: Ashley One of the wonderful things about working at Truro Veterinary Hospital is the encouragement and opportunity all staff members are given to continuously learn.  Recently six of us attended a two day seminar with amazing Animal Behaviourist, Dr. Sophia Yin. Dr. Yin became a veterinarian in 1993.  Soon after, she realized that… Read More

A Tired Dog Is A Happy Dog!

Posted by trurovetblog on August 2, 2013

Courtesy of: Brea Many dog owners are surprised with the amount of energy their dog seems to have.  When dogs have too much built-up energy, they can display it in a number of unhealthy ways such as chewing, barking, and destroying anything they can get their mouths on!  My motto is “A tired dog is… Read More

Myth Busting: TVH Style!

Posted by trurovetblog on June 28, 2013

Courtesy of: Kaila I would like to clear up a few myths about dog training in this blog, as I see these myths in practice far too often. Even though positive dog training techniques have become widespread, “negative” or discipline-based training using physical force has become more common.  This is likely due to the increasing popularity of… Read More

Heartworm – Should You Be Worried?

Posted by trurovetblog on June 21, 2013

Courtesy of:  Dr. Melissa Most of us visiting a veterinary clinic regularly are familiar with monthly parasite prevention for fleas, ticks and intestinal worms. These are bugs we often see on our pets, and it makes sense to prevent them!  There are parasites that are more difficult to see however…and one of those is heartworm. … Read More

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