Courtesy of:  Carmen

It’s that time of the year!  Busy, busy, busy!  The parties are starting, the decorations are going up and a variety of foods are being baked and consumed.  The holidays are upon us.

During this festive time, many risks exist for our pets:

Those pretty poinsettias that decorate our homes so beautifully may be toxic when eaten in large amounts by our dogs and cats.


Delicious chocolate to us may become toxic when eaten by our pets.  Depending on the percentage of cocoa in the chocolate, even a small amount can be fatal if untreated.


Turkey or chicken bones may cause obstructions or perforate bowels when consumed.

Chewing on Christmas electrical cords may cause burns to mouths or cause electrocution.

Tinsel, garland or ribbons may cause obstruction in the bowel, especially in cats who love to eat anything string-like.


Tree decorations, in particular glass ones, can be a safety hazard – best to place them high on the tree.

Anchor that tree securely!

Watch those lit candles…they can be knocked over by curious pets, or cause burns if they get too close.  Keep them up and out of reach.

Candies wrapped in foil or plastic can be very tempting for pets, but may become lodged in the throat or cause obstructions in small pets.


Raisins and grapes can have harmful effects on the kidneys in some pets.  Keep them away, just in case.

Alcohol left unsupervised may be ingested and cause discomfort for pets.


Watch out for nut shells that can also get caught in throat or become impacted in bowels.

With a few precautions and planning we can all have a wonderful holiday.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all the staff at the Truro Veterinary Hospital!