Courtesy of:  Wiggles

Hellooo there!  Welcome to Wiggle’s World, my new monthly blog.  My name is Wiggles and I’m the newest member of the Truro Vet team.  Many of you have seen me romping around the waiting room, keeping Victor young (he’s 16, which is 80 in people years) and greeting all your pets.  Maybe you are wondering how I arrived here and why on earth they named me Wiggles?

When I was just a baby (maybe 3 months old?) some kind people found me outside.  I was shaking and trembling all over and feeling really really sick.  The nice folks brought me to Truro Vet, but since they weren’t my family and they couldn’t afford to treat whatever was wrong with me, they left me at the hospital.  At first my doctors weren’t sure they could help me.  They believed that a flea product that was good for dogs but very bad for cats had been applied to my neck.  Treatment for this problem involves a good bath, intravenous fluids, hospitalization and medication, sometimes for a few days.  This can be expensive, but luckily for me there were funds in the Lost Souls Fund, so they gave it a try.  Without treatment I may have died. 

As you can tell, I did get better, but for a long time I had muscle tremors and I wasn’t very coordinated when I walked.  Can you tell why they called me Wiggles now?  Luckily my symptoms are almost entirely gone, and while I was recovering, Victor asked if he could have me as a friend.  I work very hard here, being nice to all the dogs and cats who come to visit. 

I want everyone to know my story, because it doesn’t have to happen to any other kitties.  By reading the label on all flea products carefully and making sure the product you use is safe for cats and the right dose for their size, you can prevent any other cat from getting sick this way.  If you have any questions, just call me at Truro Vet (893-2341) and I’ll have my people get back to you!