Courtesy of: Ashley

Picture this, it’s deworming time and I have two flavored tablets to get into my boys.  Both of them have already come running into the kitchen because they think it is treat time.  Jasper, my boy who is a picky eater and doesn’t like much besides his food, seems like he should be a big challenge, right?  He looks up at me and I toss the pill onto the floor.  Within seconds it is gone!  Now for Mango, my cat who will eat anything and everything…except deworming pills.  He knows what I am up to and has boarded the first jet out of the kitchen.  I catch him just before he sneaks by security.  I kneel on the floor and place him between my knees.  I open his tightly clenched jaw just enough to slip the pill in past his tongue and wait until he swallows.

It might not sound easy, but in the past, Mango was much more difficult.  With some time and patience he improved.  I know from experience that pilling cats can be a challenge and you may need some suggestions.  Here at Truro Vet we have lots of experience pilling cats and have learned many tips that may help you be successful.  This will also reduce stress for your pet.  If my story doesn’t give you the right ideas for your cat give us a call at 893-2341 as we have more tricks up our sleeves.