Courtesy of: Wiggles

I must say – Victor is the King for getting fed, not only on time, but just about whenever he wants! I am still learning from him, but he is a very good coach.  He starts off by simply stating that he is hungry…at the top of his lungs!  This often happens even when he was just fed five minutes earlier. I think Victor is starting to forget things in his old age – either that or he just really enjoys bugging the girls at the desk.  I haven’t decided yet which one it is.

If the vocalizing doesn’t work then he will be sure to block the girls’ vision by standing in front of their computer screen or the phone.  Sometimes he even walks across the keys on the keyboard or phone.  If he’s lucky, he lands in just the right spot to hang up the phone while the receptionist is still talking.  That REALLY gets their attention!  They are tough cookies, though, so most of the time they don’t get up right away and go get him his meal.

His next tactic is to start to knock things off the desk.  He will take a paw and shove papers, entire files, pens or pencils over the edge.  He will do pretty much anything to get their attention!  Usually the girls will be so fed up at this point that they go out back, make him up a fresh meal and deliver it right to him!

Victor being served!

Personally, I don’t believe in being a squeaky wheel like Victor.  I will often simply go and sit by the door to my room and stare at it for awhile – hoping that maybe they will see me looking sad and come and feed me.  This used to be really effective, but lately something seems to have changed.  I’ve heard a lot of talk about “overweight” this and “diet” that and the food definitely doesn’t flow like it used to!  The good news is that when they do feed me, it’s really yummy and I’m not hungry all the time like I used to be, but I still feel like I’ve lost my touch.  Maybe it’s time to look at little closer at exactly how Victor manages his staff so well!