Courtesy of: Amanda

I have 2 old dogs.

Lyle and Tomar

They couldn’t be more opposite of each other, but I love them both the same. I love the grey around the muzzle, and the slowness of their gait. I love their patience. I love the fact that they think they can get away with the world. I love the sad puppy dog eyes they pull when they want up on the couch. I love old dogs.

I love that relationship people build over 10, 12, even 18 years. I love the bad breath that wakes me in the morning. I love the thumping tail, and the playful spirit that still springs up when it snows. I love the way they know who will give them treats, and who is always game for belly rubs. I love how easy they are – so quiet and happy just to be around you. I love the ears flapping out the window. I love the “can I?” look when they try to sneak on my bed. I love how excited they get to see my grandparents. I love the way they find the “sun spots” in the room. I love old dogs.

I love looking back at old pictures and seeing how young they once were. I love telling stories about how bad they used to be (remember that time?). I love taking them out to pee in a snowstorm, or at 2 am, or never being able to sleep in – because they are old dogs. I love the vet telling me how great they look for 18. I love the devotion they have for me, which sometimes I feel I’m not worthy of. I love old dogs.

I love trying a new medication for them, and finding how much more comfortable it can make them. I love their voracious appetites, despite their old-dog teeth. I love when I call and they ignore me, because they are now deaf. I love when they sleep at my feet. I love when they sleep in the sun. I love when they sleep all day. I love old dogs.

I love content old dogs. I love cranky old dogs. I love quiet old dogs, and loud old dogs who can’t hear themselves bark. I love old dog smiles. I love it when they steal food. I love it when they prove me wrong. I love watching them teach puppies manners. I love that sparkle in an owner’s eye when they talk about their old dogs. I love old dogs who are so attached to their owners. I love how so many years of love can shape a dog. I love how so many years of love can shape me. I love old dogs.


I love everything about old dogs, because someday they will be gone. I’ll miss that old dog smile, the thump of the tail, the 2 am wake-up, the puppy dog eyes, the greying muzzle, the moments of foolishness, the tufts of old dog dust bunnies, the simple contentment. But I’ll remember how much they taught me about why I love old dogs.