Courtesy of: Charity

A wagging tail or a soft purr has the ability to melt my heart in an instant.  I am a sucker for a cute, furry face and because of this, every day I wear a smile from ear to ear (and of course a layer of fur on my scrubs). I can be a nurse, anesthesiologist, radiology technician, surgery assistant and a pharmacist within a matter of minutes and for this I certainly will always be a veterinarian’s closest sidekick.  I speak dog, cat, and even cow and can be found conversing with patients during any down time.  I enjoy a good cuddle and as a result become a companion, playmate, and parent many times a day.  I can be creative and clever, because every patient tests my wits.  Every single day I speak for those who speak with their eyes, and advocate for their every need right down to the blanket they want to curl up on.

I am a teacher to every animal`s human and, more importantly, a student to every four-legged friend.  I take lessons on having an appreciation for the little things in life.  I am a shoulder to cry on in a time of need.  I make a special connection with all patients and as a result, sometimes I need a shoulder to cry on as I shed a few tears. I take my work home with me, figuratively and occasionally literally. I work seven days a week, because even on my days off I am visiting or calling to check up on a certain patient that has touched my heart.

All of this I would not trade for the world, because I am a Veterinary Technician.

Charity enjoying her job!