Courtesy of: Joye

Last May we got some exciting news.  The Truro and Colchester Chamber of Commerce notified us we were among the top 3 finalists for the Best Pet Service award at the Best of Colchester awards in June 2012.  We were ecstatic.  I was particularly excited, since I had never heard of this awards ceremony and we certainly hadn’t done anything to deliberately earn the nomination (besides providing excellent pet service, of course).  As a result, I was selected to attend the awards banquet.

I headed off on the night of the banquet very excited at the prospect of possibly winning an award.  So excited, in fact, that I forgot to double check the location and ended up at the wrong place.  Once I got myself straightened out, I arrived at the event with just minutes to spare.  I barged my way into a seat at a table full of strangers and settled back to wait for my big moment!

I sure picked the right table!  Every business represented at our table won in their category.  Since “Pet Service” is a fair way along in the alphabet, I restlessly congratulated my tablemates while waiting for our turn.  The procedure for each award was that the three finalists in the category all walked to the front and got applause, then the winner was announced and they got to make a speech while the two “non-winners” watched.  I felt badly for those poor folks just standing there, but I knew I would be making a speech (I was already practicing in my head) because I was at the winning table!

Finally, the moment I’d been waiting for.  I was called to the front, along with the other two finalists.  Unfortunately, no one was present from one of the businesses, but since I just knew we were going to win, I didn’t think it mattered much.  Then…we didn’t win!

I was so disappointed.  I felt like I’d let down our winning table.  I even worried they might not let me sit back down!  Even worse, the winning business was the one with no representative present.  I tried to convince the folks running the show that you should have to be present to win, but no deal.  I left the banquet saddened, but resolved.  Next year we would win that award!

Along came May 2013.  Frankly, I had rather forgotten all about the Best of Colchester awards, until I saw a Facebook post from a friend asking for support for his home-based business.  I immediately leapt into action!  Not only did I head to the website to cast my votes, I posted a plea for help on the Truro Vet Facebook page.  I believed that many of our clients are nearly as passionate about us as we are about them, and I was right.  Lots of folks commented to say they would love to vote for us.  When the voting closed, we were one of the top 2 finalists in the Pet Service category!  I began to feel very optimistic.

Last night (June 13, 2013) the awards banquet finally arrived.  Once again I set off with high hopes (and this time I went to the right place!).  Coincidentally, I shared a table with one of the same businesses as last year, and since they have an impressive record of wins going for them, I thought that had to be a good sign (totally ignoring the fact that it didn’t work out that way last year).  The evening opened with draws for door prizes, and to my amazement, I won two movie passes!  I was torn between excitement over winning and that little voice in my head that said “you just used up all your luck”.

Again, the awards were distributed alphabetically and “p” didn’t arrive until pretty close to the end of the evening.  This year the format of the presentations was changed slightly.  The runner-up for each award was announced and they stood at their table while a little paragraph was read about their business.  When the winner was announced, they still went up front to give a short speech.  I refused to prep any words at all this year, sure that I had jinxed myself the year before.

My business buddies at our table won again in their category, of course.  As the moment drew closer, I got more and more nervous.  I realllly wanted to win this award.  Finally, our category was called and…we won!  I’m pretty sure going up to accept on behalf of Truro Vet was the closest I’ll get to giving an Oscar speech.  When I watch the Oscars, by the way, I’m always amazed at how unprepared people are when they have to speak after winning an award.  Now I get it.  I opened my mouth, ready to dazzle the audience with my brilliant (yet humble) speech and said “I’m so excited we won this award, because now I’ll be able to put ‘Best of Colchester’ on our sign out front!”

So, first thing this morning…I did.

Celebratory Sign

We want to say a big thank you to all of our clients who supported us to win this amazing award.  We are honoured by your trust and faith in us and we will continue to work hard to provide you and your pets with excellent service.

After all, we want to win again next year!