Courtesy of:  Wiggles

I am sure most of you can guess my favourite activity?  If you can’t then you obviously haven’t been into the clinic enough to see me doing it, so book an appointment and come in for a visit!  Any guesses yet?  Well if you said napping,  you are right!  Cats all over the world have perfected the art of cat napping, and yes it really truly is an art – ask any cat you know!  After all, people don’t take “dog naps” do they?  No, cat napping is named after cats, because we know how to do it purrfectly (sorry I had to).

It might seem easy, but there are a few rules to cat napping.  If you want to perfect the art form, listen up.  The first rule is that ANYWHERE can be an adequate cat napping location.  Don’t get picky about where you decide to nap, any spot will do.  Some will get too focused on a soft and comfortable place, but if you want to be more then apprentice in cat napping you need to remember that although soft spots are a bonus, they aren’t necessary.  You can lay on (or in) just about anything. I particularly like boxes or baskets, but will also settle for chairs, window ledges, computer keyboards…you get the picture.  Although there may be some places that your humans may think is  their territory, you must not let them think such crazy things and continue to nap in your chosen spots.

Now once you have your spot you need to make sure that you take up as much area as possible. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I like to curl up in a cute little ball.  Generally, though, it is important to fill in any extra space with your body in your designated napping spot.

Above all, you mustn’t forget to purr…that is very important!  It helps get the humans’ attention and you might get a nice ear or chin rub as you cat nap.  If anyone out there would like to learn more about the art of cat napping I perform it daily at the Truro Veterinary Hospital from 8am-8pm during the week and 9am-3pm on Saturday.  Sunday is a private cat napping day.