Finding Focus 21 Day Challenge – Pre Register


Focus is an often overlooked, but vitally important, aspect of your working relationship with your dog. The goal of focus training is to develop and encourage your dog’s interest, concentration, enthusiasm, and commitment to working with you. This will result in increased focus on you and on the tasks and activities that you and your dog do together.

This challenge will give you a new game to play with your dog for 21 days to help you find focus, and make you become the center of your dogs world! 

To Pay for the Challenge you have a few options:

In Person: Stop into the clinic before February 1st and pay in person either with Cash, Debit of Credit Card.

By Phone: Call (902)893-2341 and pay over the phone with your Credit Card.

By Email: Send an email money transfer for $46.00 (the with tax price) to please make sure you leave a note with your name, dogs name and your phone number so that we can ensure the payment is applied to the correct account. Also please use the following Security Question: What is your clinic cats name? With Answer: Wiggles

Once paid you’ll have the content unlocked. And don’t worry – Day 1 doesn’t start until Tuesday February 1st – so you have a few days to get everything sorted out.

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