Covid-19 Action Plan

Our doors are nor open to our clients! We will continue to follow Public Health protocols as directed.

Truro Vet has been working hard to keep our staff and clients safe and we will continue to do this with the following:

  1. We continue to screen clients for Covid risk when booking appointments. If you are feeling unwell in any way, reschedule your appointment. If your pet needs care, we will discuss alternate options
  2. When you arrive for your pets’ appointment, please enter the building through our front door.  Please sanitize your hands and wear your mask.
  3. Clients may accompany pets into the hospital for their appointment. Hand sanitizer is provided upon entry to the building. A staff member will either escort you directly to one of our sanitized exam rooms or you will be asked to take a seat in a socially distanced chair in our Reception Area.
  4. Clients MUST wear a mask while they are in the veterinary hospital
  5. We will continue to offer curb-side appointments for clients who prefer that option
  6. Food and medication pickup is available in person now.  To minimize your wait time, we ask you to call your order in 24 hours ahead of time.  Pre-paid items can be picked up at the front desk.We will continue to provide care to our patients while working within the Nova Scotia Health Authority guidelines. Please reach out with any questions you may have!